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SunnyMoney distribute solar lights to some of the most remote communities in Africa. See how you can help...

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One Small Light Makes A BIG Difference

It's time to turn on the lights with power from the sun. SunnyMoney is the largest seller and distributor of high quality solar lights in Africa, where over 600 million people don't have access to electricity. Replacing kerosene or paraffin with portable, affordable solar lights saves money, enables more study time, improves health, makes a home safer and saves the environment from harmful black carbon.  



Due to the spread of the coronavirus in Malawi and Zambia and out of concerns for our field staff and the communities we work with, we are right now not travelling. This may delay the distribution of our products. Please contact your local office for specific information.

We encourage everyone to take preventive measures against the coronavirus. The symptoms include fever, dry cough, shortness of breath, body aches and sore throat. It spreads through touching infected areas or interacting with an infected person. 

You can protect yourself and others by:

- Washing your hands with soap and water regularly for a minimum of 20 seconds

- Avoid touching your face

- Avoid public gatherings and transportations as much as possible

- Do not greet by touching, maintain a distance of 2 metres from others

- Cover coughs or sneezes with a tissue or your elbow, not your hands

- If you have been in contact with someone who is showing symptoms, stay home for at least 14 days

- Take your ARVs / TB medications, do not miss any doses

- Clean and disinfect surfaces regularly

If you suspect coronavirus, isolate yourself from those around you and immediately contact the call centre, toll free, on 909 (Zambia) or 54747 (Malawi). Follow their instructions. If you are having difficulty breathing, it is best to call 909 (Zambia) or 54747 (Malawi) first before going to the hospital.

Please note, coronavirus can be spread by someone who appears healthy, even if you are not at high risk of getting very sick you can spread it to others who are more at risk. Young people can also get this disease, get very sick, and even die. You can spread it to loved ones. It is critically important to protect yourself to protect others.

Kerosene Dangerous and Costly


Kerosene burns up to 25% of the monthly income for off-grid families in Africa.


Causes fatal burns, eye and lung problems and releases black carbon into the environment.


The light is too dim to read or study without straining the eyes.

Prevents Study

The high cost and dim light prevents night time reading, work and socialising.


Saves Money

“The light has changed our life. My kids eat well, study well and we are a happy family now.” --Dickson Murumbi Teacher, Kenya

Quality, Bright Light

“The children study for longer hours and I use the light for security. We can now stay for longer hours in the evening when socializing.” --Mabvuto Zulu, Father, Zambia

Improved Study Time

“Using SunnyMoney solar lights, the school has improved from a mean score of 227 to 247. Most students use their solar light to study til midnight.” --Stanley Ruget, Head Teacher, Kenya

Safe & Clean

“I don’t have any worries with the risk of the kerosene to spill and burn the house, because solar is easy to use and the children can put it on without me around.” --Victoria Materu, Mother, Tanzania

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